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Adam Driver on ‘Star Wars’ Scene He’ll Never Live Down: “Somebody Reminds Me About That Every Day”

Adam Driver has revealed the scene he still can’t live down, even nearly a decade after 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released.

In a recent interview on Max’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, the host mentioned the film’s shocking ending where Driver’s villain Kylo Ren kills his father, Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo, to which the Ferrari star responded, “Somebody reminds me about that every day.”

After Wallace asked if he was being serious, Driver responded, “Not every day, but yeah. It used to be more, but now it’s probably once a month someone will let me know that I killed Han Solo.”

Though Solo’s death left fans divided, it helped establish Ren’s place in the Star Wars sequels, as he battled between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Driver went on to recall what it was like filming the scene with Ford, which wasn’t necessarily “tough” but “very emotional actually.”

“Harrison was so generous and contemplative, and to me, that was a great moment on set, even though it was his death,” he added.

The House of Gucci actor previously told GQ in 2017 that he “felt sick to my stomach” during the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as he awaited the audience’s reaction to the dramatic twist ending.

“The people behind me, when the scroll started, were like ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s happening.’ Immediately, I thought I was going to puke,” Driver said. “I was holding my wife’s hand, and she’s like, ‘You’re really cold. Are you OK?’ Because I just knew what was coming – I kill Harrison – and I didn’t know how this audience of 2,000 people was going to respond to it, you know?”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter