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Ukraine: Western Media Lies Destabilize the World

The Western propaganda coverage of the conflict in Ukraine between the US-UK led Alliance against the Russian Federation is truly embarrassing. It seems obvious that the dance of millions with which the West intends to subdue Russia first and the rest of the non-aligned world later, is not only for military, humanitarian, or reconstruction purposes of a ruined country in equal parts between attackers and defenders. Surely the dozens of agencies of the United States and the European Union are understanding the language of this proxy and hybrid war, where communication is the key that disconnects the reality of what is happening with what people want to hear in their countries. . They are essential.That in any system, but more so in the financial capitalist of the richest West, is solved with fresh money and business, and it is clear that they are contemplated -almost without fissures- all the “true” stories that cannot be explained after the dozens of million dollars that they have invested in this year and a half. This is not counting the previous concealment, between 2014 and 2022 in which all these “bought” media were not interested in covering the massacre of Russians in Donbas caused by the new Ukrainian army, trained and armed by NATO in that period.

Arriving at 500 days of hostilities, some international coverage timidly began to open up which, although without reaching the truth, questioned whether the entire developed world of the Western Hemisphere (and some of the Eastern, we’ll deal with them later), with more than 10,000 trade sanctions against Russia, with more than 100,000 million dollars of military assistance to Ukraine, each time with more sophisticated and lethal equipment, they cannot even recover in the declared counteroffensive, more than a handful of small towns with an enormous cost of military and of Equipements. And although it is just beginning, at this rate it will surely not last beyond the summer, unless they freeze the initiative and the territories, so as not to lose even more of what they will no longer recover.

If there were terrorist acts on the part of the Ukrainian intelligence services (with Anglo-Saxon support), in which the journalist and analyst Daria Dúgina, or the blogger Vladen Tatarski died in Saint Petersburg, the civilians of Belgorod permanently, the blowing up of the Nord Stream, the attack on the Crimean bridge with four deaths, that of the Kavovka dam with the environmental disaster and the number of deaths in addition to the displaced, who are also bombed in their care centers, constitute a black page of world journalism.There was no intention on the part of the governments involved, nor of the media of those countries, to arrive at the truth in any of them. Human rights seem to have only one face. Neither does the UN or other organizations like the OECD that no longer work as they should. They were aligned with NATO from the beginning.

It will be very good, when this is over, to remember the names of the media and the chains that lent themselves to it, the humiliating signatures of the journalists with first and last names, so that people -their families, friends and colleagues- remember how they dedicated themselves to lie and hide information when his country was not participating in the war according to his account. Why did they do it? They only contributed weapons and equipment of all sizes, satellites, the Internet, intelligence, terrorist plans, commandos in mercenary format, but in their case, their lies (the main weapon of the Alliance) are the ones that are supporting the corrupt regime and Zelensky’s assassin.

It already seems that Europe has forgotten Adolf Hitler and Nazism as an example not to be repeated, especially the Germans with the mediocre Olaf Sholz at the helm. The Nazi symbols of the army that Ukraine maintains at any price, and that enjoy those defeated insignia, admiration for Stephen Bandera and go for revenge against Russia, something incomprehensible in Europe, so sensitive on this issue, if political interests they were not who they really are. Ukraine (and the Nazis) deep down they don’t care about anything and they decided to go all out against Russia, with everything they have and to rethink the world in the future, NATO with its brigades of fully armed and trained Ukrainians, are pitiful on the battlefield. Phone for Jens Stoltenberg.Something is wrong and if it weren’t for the information blockade of the “independent and democracies” media, support would have already been reduced to zero. But there is so much money for the latest generation missiles, tanks, fighter planes, ammunition of all kinds, as well as for the European and American media corporations that, together with those that produce weapons, are the ones that sustain the conflict with their cables and videos.

Countries that are powerhouses of disinformation: the United States, the United Kingdom, then Spain, Germany and France in second place. The rest of the EU and other parts, repeat like parrots without finding out anything. They copy and paste if they are graphic, or they film what the American media want, always on the Ukrainian side, lest they lose their job due to objectivity.

They are: all European countries except Hungary and Serbia, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, which works almost as one more state in the Union, and in Asia, Japan and South Korea, which complete the backbone of the new universal management scheme. , communication and neocolonialism. They open up to Asia Pacific, with the intention of expanding NATO in that region, already hyperconnected in Five Eyes intelligence services by AUKUS + Japan.

In Argentina, where unfortunately foreign policy is rubbish and not very serious, the Argentine media in general for comfort or convenience, on one side or the other of the crack, follow the American and European version.

We want to remind readers that Latin America, despite the journalistic baseness, did not send weapons to Ukraine or subscribe to the sanctions against Russia, which ultimately impact the whole world, including them, but which start from a higher floor in the comfort and suffer less.

The two most populous countries in the world, China and India, increased their political relationship and their trade with the largest country in the world, that is, the Russian “demon”. The Middle East with Saudi Arabia and Iran (now friends) at the head, put the entire Middle East in multipolarity and move away decisively from the United States at this stage as marked by the oil cut. Africa, for its part, sees how the second stage of the extractionist model of the countries “allied” to Ukraine is germinating against them. They already lived it and this time they are going to resist in a different way. And the Asian countries – except those named above – join the neutrality proposed by China, Brazil and the Africans, mainly.

Of the 195 countries in the world, only 35 are united in the -unachievable- madness of making Russia disappear from the map and steal its wealth and territories to go after all the others. In other words, the other 160 must remain united and vigilant because nothing good can happen to us if the enlarged NATO wins this battle. we would see a new “XXI century conquest”. Unfortunately, nobody likes war, but you have to think not only about the way out that “the loaded media” sells you, but you have to coordinate actions with countries that are more or less in our position, with the problems that emerging countries have. poor or in debt. We have what to contribute to peace, multilateralism, and sovereign development with everyone.

The global world must think, which is more than those 35 countries, that there is a lot of wealth, knowledge, technology and funds also in other corners of the world. Let us not deny the United States or Europe, but we cannot blindly follow their orders. We are 160, with different organizations, it is not bad to negotiate better. And it would be good to start with, if the media lie to us less.

Source : Urban News