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Texas Democrat: Biden Administration Move to the Center is a Little Bit Too Late

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said Sunday that the Biden administration’s new policies to bring them closer to the “center” on immigration policy is coming too late in President Biden’s term. 

“Now, the administration needs to go to the center, and I’ve asked them to go to the center, and I think some of the policies that they’re about to implement brings them to the center, in my opinion, a little bit too late, but at least they’re getting policies that will come to the center,” he told Fox’s Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday.” 

Bream asked Cuellar how much the Biden administration is to blame for the issue of immigration, pointing to a Fox News poll that said 61 percent of respondents disapproveof how President Biden has handled immigration. Cueller said that the American public is becoming “frustrated” because they are only seeing images of people coming into the country, not people leaving it.

“But there were no changes in the laws or under President Obama. He was able to use Title 8, which is the current law instead of Title 42, and he was able to treat people with respect, but if they had to be returned, he sent them back. He had images of airplanes going back,” he said. 

“Right now, the only image that we see is people coming in. No images of people going back. So, yes, the American public is frustrated,” he added. 

Cuellar has previously defended Biden’s immigration polices, saying earlier this year that Biden’s asylum policy that placed restrictions on who can apply for asylum was “reasonable.”

Source: The Hill