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Texas Announces Exit From National Voter Registration Program

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The state of Texas announced its intention to leave the national voter registration program known for combating national voter fraud.

The Electronic Registration Information Program Center, or ERIC for short, is designed to flag people who move to different states without canceling their voter registration in the previous state.

In essence, it prevents residents from voting twice.

ERIC has been a part of the political landscape herein Texas since March of 2020. However, last week, the Secretary of State’s Office notified the group that Texas is pulling out of the multi-state partnership.

The organization had come under scrutiny after being tied to conspiracy theories about its funding and purpose, and whether it was actually a partisan tool to help Democratic candidates win.

None of that, however, was proven to be true.

Inside Texas Politics Host, Jason Whitely, said Texas apparently has no other tool to protect against this kind of possible voter fraud, and the timing for putting something in place may not be in our favor.

“We can no longer now determine from other states whether our voters in Texas might also be registered to vote in New Mexico, in Oklahoma, in Colorado, and other places. Here’’s the bigger issue: Next year is the big presidential election – the 2024 election. Super Tuesday, seven is only seven months away right now, and there’s nothing to replace this method of looking for duplicates in our voter rolls,” he said.

Texas is the ninth Republican-led state to leave the initiative since last year.

Source : 3News