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Taco Bell’s Double Decker Taco Is Back At Last

Taco Bell doesn’t think twice about taking beloved items off its menu, but it’s just as quick to bring discontinued favorites back from the grave, if only for a brief spell. In 2022, the chain asked fans to decide between the temporary return of two such items: the Enchirito and the Double Decker Taco. The former took the gold by more than half, though ultimately, the Enchirito wasn’t as good as the internet remembered. This year, the 38% of Taco Bell fans who opted for the latter are finally getting their wish. 

On December 5, Taco Bell surprised customers by announcing the limited-time return of the Double Decker in the spirit of spreading “holiday cheer.” In addition to the classic version — which features a bean-filled soft tortilla wrapped around a hard taco shell that holds beef, lettuce, and shredded cheddar cheese — the chain is also touting a Double Decker Taco Supreme that comes with diced tomato and sour cream as well. There’s no telling exactly how long the items will be available, so if you’re interested, time is of the essence.  

A triumphant return

Tacos with hard and soft shells

Anyone who followed along with the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza saga of 2021-22 is well aware of just how passionate the chain’s fans can be when it comes to lobbying for the return of their favorite items. While this week’s surprise return of the Double Decker Taco was not accompanied by a Dolly Parton musical, it still came on the heels of ardent internet fanfare. 

Earlier in 2023, the CMO of Taco Bell U.S. took to Reddit to field questions from fans. By and large, participants expressed a deep hole in their hearts where the Double Decker should be. One user with the handle @ImissTheDoubleDecker was, predictably, the menu item’s biggest champion, calling it their “fast food first love.” 

In their lengthy love letter to the Double Decker, the user reminded the forum that the item once appeared in an ad produced by none other than Spike Lee, starring Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon. To bolster their case, they added that the item “requires nothing but the ingredients in store and the lover and tenderness of the great employees who would have to make them.” Wish granted.

Source: Daily Meal