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Russian Forces Repel Ukrainian Incursion Into Border Region – Governor

Russian military and security forces prevented a Ukrainian sabotage group from infiltrating western Russia’s Bryansk region, the regional governor said Tuesday.

Russia’s armed forces, together with Federal Security Service (FSB) border agents and National Guard special units, thwarted “an attempt by a Ukrainian diversionary reconnaissance group to infiltrate” the Bryansk region, Governor Alexander Bogomaz said.

After initially claiming there were no civilian casualties in the attempted incursion, Bogomaz said a farm worker had been injured and hospitalized.

He identified the area targeted in the attack as the village of Kurkovichi, located across the border from northeast Ukraine’s Chernihiv region.

Over the past year, Russian regions bordering Ukraine have regularly reported shelling and attacks from Ukrainian forces, including occasional cross-border incursions by pro-Ukraine armed militants.

In June, the Russian region of Belgorod saw the largest incursion since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Drones and shelling were used in the June assault, raising questions about the strength of Russian border defenses.

Ukraine has denied responsibility for the attacks, blaming instead Russian partisan groups opposed to President Vladimir Putin.

Source : TheMoscowTimes