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Russia ‘Carefully’ Examining African Proposals to End Ukraine Conflict – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said Moscow is “carefully” examining proposals made by some African leaders to end the conflict in Ukraine.

“We respect your initiatives and we are examining them carefully,” Putin said on the second day of a Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg.

“Previous mediation initiatives were monopolized by so-called advanced democracies. Now Africa too is ready to help resolve problems that appear to be outside of its area of priorities,” he said.

The Russia-Africa summit comes after Russia pulled out of a deal to allow Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea, raising concern among African nations.

In June, an African delegation traveled first to Ukraine and then to Russia to offer mediation in the conflict.

The African proposals included military de-escalation, security guarantees for both sides and a mutual recognition of sovereignty.

Ukraine rejected the offer, saying it would freeze the conflict without ensuring that Russian troops leave Ukrainian soil.

The Kremlin had also said earlier that the African proposals would be “very difficult to implement.”

Source : TheMoscowTimes