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North Texas Retailers Ramp Up Holiday Hiring

NORTH TEXAS (CBSNewstexas.com) – With less than 65 days until Black Friday, and less than 100 days until Christmas, retailers are ramping up their search for holiday workers. 

“We anticipate a really robust shopping and shipping season in North Texas and throughout the country,” said Scott Seroka, an Amazon spokesperson.  

Amazon announced they’re hiring 250 thousand holiday workers nationwide this year including more than 13 thousand workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, up from 6,500 jobs last holiday season. 

“Thirteen thousand jobs in the Dallas area is a lot and it’s ambitious so we are definitely hoping to fill those roles with talented and willing-to-work people,” said Seroka.

Target says they plan to hire nearly 100,000 seasonal employees across the country this holiday season. In a report on 2023 holiday hiring published by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, they predict retailers will look to fill about 410 thousand jobs nationwide, the lowest number of holiday jobs since 2008. 

“It’s just part of the general shift in moving from that brick and mortar to being online,” said Timothy Lo one of the founders of Your Next Jump which helps people prepare for their job search. 

With fewer holiday jobs to go around this year, how can you help yourself stand out? 

“Number one is making sure that your resume doesn’t just talk about what you do because that’s what most people’s resumes look like, they look like a job description, we want to move beyond that, we want to make sure that we’re not only telling people what you do but really showing people how well you do it,” said Lo.

Amazon says about a third of their holiday workers tend to stay after the holidays are over but Lo says holiday jobs are also a great way to make money if you’re between jobs. 

“Maybe you weren’t in retail before you had a different job you had some type of job, you’re still looking for another position but just financially you need to fill that gap that’s a really good opportunity to do that.”

And Lo says now is the perfect time to start looking. 

“I don’t think for this holiday season, it’s too early at all,” said Lo.

Source : CBSNews