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North Korea Says Antony Blinken Went to China on ‘Shameful Trip to Beg’ for Relations

North Korea considered this Wednesday (06.21.2023) in an editorial that the recent visit of the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to China was a “shameful trip to beg” for an improvement in relations whose worsening, according to Pyongyang, is responsibility for the policies of the Joe Biden government against Beijing.

The text, published today by the KCNA agency and signed by Jong Yong-hak, an international affairs analyst, stated that “since the first day it came to power, the Biden administration, seized with disgust towards the Chinese government, has made of pressure and control the axis of his policy towards China .”

It is “the current US administration that has deliberately escalated regional tensions while strengthening anti-China structures, including QUAD and AUKUS, and seeking to establish a new military bloc consisting of Japan and puppet South Korea,” according to the analyst.

“In a word, the recent visit of the US Secretary of State can only be seen as a shameful begging trip by the provocateur who admits the failure of his policy to put pressure on China,” Jong concluded.

During Blinken’s trip on Sunday and Monday, the first by a US secretary of state to China in five years, Washington and Beijing agreed to put their relations on track in the face of their intensifying rivalry, though without agreeing on any major breakthroughs.

Blinken actually asked Beijing to use its influence over the impoverished country – which has its main trading partner in China – to prevent Kim Jong-un’s regime from continuing to advance the development of weapons of mass destruction, he told the Media Secretary of State.

Source : La Opinion