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Jungkook Gives Glimpse of Shaved Head, Talks About Sasaengs in Front of His House, and Drops ‘Big Spoiler’ for BTS ARMY

BTS member Jungkook gave a glimpse of his buzz-cut and also talked about ‘sasaengs (obsessed fans who invade the privacy of celebrities in South Korea)’ on Friday as he held a live session. Taking to Weverse, Jungkook interacted with his fans after working out. (Also Read | BTS’ Jin crashes Jungkook’s final live stream before enlistment with sincere advice)

Jungkook talks about sasaengs

While walking, Jungkook said, as translated by X user @mhereonlyforbts, “Even nowadays there are sasaengs in front of my house. That’s enough coming you b******s. Don’t cross the line, you creep.” He also said, as per X user @BTStranslation_, “Ah I’m tired. I can’t work out more. My stamina has dropped a lot.”

Jungkook gives peek of his head

BTS ARMY asked Jungkook to show his shaved head. He said, “You want me to show my hair? Well, I guess photos will come out when I go. What’s the point of uploading (separately)? I won’t show my hair. Later later.. at least one day before I go. What’s the point of showing now, there’s a few days left.. don’t you think?” When a fan said, “Jungkook with no hair is handsome”, the BTS member replied, “You mean to say I’m handsome even without hair? I don’t think.” Later, he quickly gave a few glimpses of his shaved head.

Jungkook on his military service

Talking about his military service, Jungkook said, “1.5 years is pretty short. If you guys just keep doing as you’re doing right now, it’ll be fine. We have prepared a lot of things for you. I was actually working on something but I only managed to finish half of it. I also ended up cutting my hair pretty quickly so I kind of regretted it but yeah.. just wait for like a year and a half when I come back okay? Ah I gave a big spoiler, didn’t I?”

During the live, Jungkook said that he wanted to drink a lot before going for his military service. However, it didn’t work out like that and his fridge is full of drinks. Later, the singer rearranged his fridge and showed the drinks to his fans. When asked if it was his “last live” Jungkook responded, “Nope. Maybe not?”

Jungkook on meeting Bam

Jungkook also spoke about meeting his pet dog Bam before leaving for military service. He shared, “I wanna go see Bam once before I go, like ‘Bam, dad is gonna go and come back from the military!’ Maybe later on on my TikTok, it might be full of Bam. I might not have an Instagram account but there might be one for Bam.”

About BTS’ military service

Jungkook along with BTS members RMJimin and V will soon join the South Korean military. Recently, BigHit Music said in a statement that the enlistments are “upcoming” but didn’t disclose the starting dates. South Korean media reported that all four members will begin their duties next week — RM and V on December 11 and Jimin and Jungkook on December 12.

Three other BTS members – Jin, J-Hope and Suga – have already begun their military duties. Jin and J-Hope are performing active service in the army while Suga is serving as a social service agent, an alternative form of military service in the country.

Source: Hindustan Times