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Florida Workers Are Owed Millions of Dollars

MIAMI – Workers in Florida are owed millions of dollars, according to CBS News Miami partner The Miami Herald.

When a business violates labor laws the U.S. Department of Labor recovers unpaid wages on behalf of employees. The agency tries to contact the employee but if they can’t they hold onto the back wages.

According to the Miami Herald, that is more than $161 million across the country. More than $6.5 million right here in Florida.

There are 14,000 workers owed money in the state. In Miami-Dade, workers are owed $863,467. In Broward, that number is $541,524.

To check if you are missing money head to the Workers Owed Wages Database

Search for your employer’s business. If you find their business then you will enter your name. You may need to upload certain documentation. It is worth checking when you can.

The Department of Labor only holds the owed wages for three years before turning the money over to the U.S. Treasury.

Source : CBSNews