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Emma Stone, ‘SNL’ Mock Artificial Intelligence Tech in Entertainment

Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone guest hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time this weekend.

A highlight of the episode showed the Poor Things and La La Land star in a pre-recorded sketch that poked fun of the use of artificial intelligence technology in entertainment, a major issue addressed during the recent four-month-long Screen Actors Guild strike.

The three-minute comedy segment was about what supposedly happened when part of the video Stone had recorded had been corrupted and the filmmakers used AI to “seamlessly replace” her.

Cast member Punkie Johnson, who does not look or sound like Stone, was used as her body double with Stone’s face digitally superimposed on her to startling and hilarious effect.

Adding to the humor is that Johnson doesn’t seem to know anything about Stone or her work.

Elsewhere in the show, Stone was presented with a “Five-Timers Club” jacket by other frequent guest hosts Tina Fey and Candice Bergen.

At 35, she is the youngest member of the “club,” which also includes Alec BaldwinTom HanksWoody HarrelsonSteve Martin and Christopher Walken.

“I am the second youngest at 53,” Fey said. “You’re going to love it in there. A few years ago, they even added a whole ‘women’s section.’ It was actually Candice Bergen’s idea.”

Bergen said the area began “as a small quiet place to cry.”

“But, over the years, it became a big, luxurious place to cry,” she quipped.

Fey then listed off how different things are now than when she joined the club in the 2010s.

“TikTok didn’t exist. There were still fat celebrities because no Ozempic and network TV was in its heyday. You know, my show 30 Rock was watched by 6 million people a week.”

“6 million people a week? Was that a lot?” Stone asked.

“At the time? No. But today? No,” Fey replied.

“Anyway, Emma, this is your day. You’re now a part of SNL Herstory,” Bergen said as Fey helped Stone put on her fancy velvet club jacket.

Stone said the achievement was a dream of hers since she was a kid.

“It means so much that I get to share it with you guys,” she added.

Source: UPI