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Deadpool 3 Set Photos Confirm Connection To An Anticipated MCU Phase 6 Movie

New Deadpool 3 set photos reveal the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie’s connection to the Fantastic Four and tease other exciting possible plot elements. Deadpool 3‘s story will involve the multiverse, as the movie will somehow bring back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, as well as presumably see Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool arrive in the MCU. Deadpool 3‘s cast also includes the reported return of Jennifer Garner’s Elektra and several rumored Marvel movie cameos, and new set photos reveal that a major Marvel team might play a role in the multiversal film.

On Twitter, @CanWeGetToast shared a Deadpool 3 set photo that shows the first look at what appears to be the Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar in the movie.

The vehicle from the Deadpool 3 set image looks remarkably close to the Fantasticar’s original design, and in the front of the car, a “4” can be partly seen, hinting at the Fantastic Four being in play. However, with Marvel’s Fantastic Four only premiering in 2025, a year after Deadpool 3, it is unlikely that the MCU’s version of the team will appear in the film.

Deadpool 3 Photos May Also Reveal Toad And The TVA

A Major Deadpool 3 Theory Might Be Right

The same Deadpool 3 set photo that revealed the Fantasticar’s role in the film also seems to have shown the return of an X-Men movie character. Toad is seemingly riding the Fantasticar in the set image, though it does not appear to be original actor Ray Park back for the role. Though it is not confirmed, the character present in the set photo looks similar to Park’s Toad from 2000’s X-Men, and with the movie’s multiversal plot, the minor villain could very well be back.

Another Deadpool 3 set photo shared by @CanWeGetToast possibly confirms a major MCU theory for the movie.

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