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Dallas Mavericks Ready To Trade 10th Overall Pick For A Veteran Star

Barring all the LeBron James to Dallas chatter, the Mavericks are seriously looking for a veteran presence to bolster their chances of winning, and they are ready to trade their 10th overall pick to get a seasoned star.

Per HoopsHype: “The Mavericks have dangled the 10th overall pick with the hope of landing a veteran player who can impact winning immediately.”

The site added that Gradey Dick, a wingman from Kansas who is projected to be the 10th pick in mock drafts has reportedly profiled similarly to Gordon Hayward at the combine in terms of physicality.

The report further added: “Dick recently visited Dallas and Utah and is one of the draft’s top shooters and has become a projected Top 10 pick in three straight aggregate mock drafts.”

While no vet has been named yet, the fact that the Mavs are willing to sweeten the deal with a pick shows they are perhaps ready to offer more for a presence around Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. There are a few names on the trade market they can explore and only time will tell who it will be.

Is Adding A Seasoned Vet A Hint That Kyrie Irving May Depart From Dallas This Summer?

The other possibility behind the Mavs dealing a pick could be to ensure that there is a solid name who could complement Luka Doncic should Irving leave the Mavericks this summer.

There has been a lot of uncertainty over his time in Dallas, and chances are that the Mavs would replace him with a more experienced campaigner who works better with Doncic. Not that the mercurial guard didn’t share great chemistry with the team’s primary star, but maybe they could find someone better than Irving to boost the team’s chances effectively.

The Kyrie to the Lakers continue to do the rounds, and will surely gather more steam in the offseason. Much of all that’s happening is pure speculation at the moment, and only time will tell if he indeed gives it another shot with Doncic.

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