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Auto Workers in North Texas Join UAW Strike

NORTH TEXAS (CBSNewsTexas.com) – The United Auto Workers are expanding their strike to 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts and distribution centers in 20 states. Two DFW facilities in Carrollton and Roanoke are included.  

 “We had a little group meeting with the plant manager before we left, and we were all together so it was in a group setting, and he just wished us the best of luck and for us to be safe out here,” GM employee Adam Martinez said. 

One week into the UAW strike, the union now targeting parts and distribution centers. 

UAW Local 2360 Union President Cleo Wynn says it’s something 93% of his membership voted in support of. They’ve been preparing for more than two months. 

“We do believe that it is a very strategic way of letting the company know that as much as we don’t want to strike, this is the route we have to take,” Wynn said. 

The impact will go beyond the production of new vehicles. 

“All of the Fiats, the Dodge vehicles, the Jeep, the Chrysler and things of that nature and Ra,” Wynn said. “So again, they don’t have any parts then what happens is the customers are affected.”  

As UAW negotiates contracts with the big three automakers, working to secure better wages and benefits, OpenAir Advisers financial expert Stewart Fields says this will impact car prices and car parts. 

“Even if this only lasts for a couple more weeks, we’re still expecting car prices to rise 2%,” he said. “It’s also going to affect used cars because the new cars cost is more expensive.” 

In terms of car parts, he says short term, they could increase as much as 5%. If you’re in the market for a new car, assess your situation. 

“Do you really need a car? The average car price is $50,000 right now. If you are looking at a 5% down payment at an 8% rate, that’s almost $900 bucks per month without insurance.” 

The good news is he doesn’t expect this to last long term. He recommends being patient and if you can, maybe even look into public transportation. 

Source : CBSNews